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Here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to make stuff, and then recruit the best people to contribute to stuff I make. Wait. No. Listen. Not contribute to stuff I make, collaborate, make things together. I’m not so big … Continue reading

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Sunsets and Font

If you missed today’s sunset you really did miss out. Here’s a Photobooth shot of my longsighted¬†dad trying to read size eight print, it’ll do if you missed the red, orange, pink and green textures dancing across the sky. Conversation … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Nice, Be Honest

Richard Ackland spoke at Uni today. Notes attached. I bumped into the author of Hey! Nietzsche! Leave Them Kids Alone, also radio broadcaster, also awesome presentation-giver Craig Schuftan in the ABC building today. His voice is like a warm cosy … Continue reading

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Good Times Comics

A friend of mine is a friend of a guy with a magical table, or maybe magic happens around the table. The story goes something like that, I don’t quite remember. It’s true, truly, as long as I got it … Continue reading

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Hearth Hour

I was working under hot, sweaty lights at the time so I didn’t really see, or not see, the velvety darkness. Participate in, moreover.

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I went away fairly unplanned twice last year as well as the big trip, through luck and good situations in both cases, to Bali and Hawaii. I also went around Australia a little but listen, we’ll talk later. Bali was … Continue reading

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Darkness For Light

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