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Moderation is not the key

I do not believe in moderating comments, except for the spam ones about buying lawnmowers or earning $100,000 from home that this blog interface already filters for me. Hey there, I’m a week early. Life is alright on the Rhine.

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Now that I have a diary I’ll be able to organise myself. If I think hard enough about considering cleaning my room I’ll be able to do it eventually too. What was that? Oh right, sure, that sounds good. Hang … Continue reading

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Saturnine, lugubrious, deflated and unmotivated. Here’s a photo.

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Friday Night

Sucked, for the first half. Went to a dress up party, themed “fitness creeps”, arrived and found out it was an alpha male let’s-get-pissed-and-be-heroes type event, the typical 15-25 year old Australian boys club event, the type I loathe. Went … Continue reading

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An Indian Summer, a dramatic sky, ochre sourced from the rock pools, a ladder and a 20mm lens. Had an unknown developing problem resulting in the streaks you can see in the top photo.

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Last night for the first time in a while I saw some pissed off people, some really upset people. I was at a gig, the bulk of the crowd sympathy friends of the band who go because they’re still friends … Continue reading

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Row Your Boat? No You Don’t

Lyrics by Ewan Maxwell, below.

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