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Hopefully I’ll develop some more film tonight. Tamarama, Jared and Robyn at Studios 301, dude setting up at Melt and Coogee (click to go bigger). Advertisements

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Spring springs.

I got home this afternoon and the first jasmine flower of the back garden had opened.

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Wishing for winter but enjoying the beginnings of spring/summer. A fly was stuck in the bathroom for the first time last night. (Sydney, Prague, Lyon and 2xBerlin.)

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One Sunday Evening.

At Bohemian Grove, a while back now. Emily McDaniel, Cleptoclectics (Tom) and Scissor Lock (Marcus).

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A few weeks ago.

Cam, Gage, Robyn and myself (by Gage).

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Things I’ve seen.

And for something completely different, how about a couple on a mattress? It reminded me very much of this blog post: And on closer inspection the lovers are Gillard and Abbott!

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Sometime in the past fortnight. Cockatoos, twilight, a sunset best viewed large and the guy you either loved or hated at Manning Bar (spot the dodgy stitch). I quite liked his performance.

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