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Recent + Poems

—– I wrote two poems not too long ago. I don’t really write peoms but I’d been reading Dharma Bums and I guess I was inspired. Provoked, maybe. They probably sound better read aloud. I wrote them with no punctuation … Continue reading

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Recent people

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Recent sunsets

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All suddenly mount And scatter wheeling in great broken rings Upon their clamorous wings That’s what Yeats said, anyway.

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A brown dove

A brown dove was trapped in the back of our house today. It’s all glass doors with glass windows above the glass doors back there and it kept flying into the windows above the doors, refusing to come low enough … Continue reading

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This is a solargraph. They’re made by putting photographic paper inside a light-tight vessel and exposing light onto the paper with a very small pinhole for a long time – ideally somewhere that gets direct sunlight or at least a … Continue reading

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