I’ve a website, www.lucienalperstein.com



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  1. dw says:

    i’m in butler library at columbia in new york procrastinating before maybe starting some work on a saturday night (too long too long away for the week) and i found your website because jasper ludwig just invited me to an event looking for a sublet, and i don’t really know jasper at all but we were friends at forest lodge public school in year 2. i started looking through his photos, which i guess is kind of creepy, but maybe even not nowadays because everyone does that kind of thing and besides, what are photos up on facebook for if not for being looked through? i noticed your blog and looked through that as well, and it’s really great. your photos are super good, got a sort of beautiful laidback care to them which is refreshing. the portrait of your pretty friend is the best one on the blog i reckon. i also noticed that you have the dumpster blog project thing as well. i think i read about that from another link from another friend. circles are small in sydney i guess. i guess all i wanted to say is that your art is great, keep and more and good luck. now i must leave and start to write a 15 page paper which is due tomorrow.

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